Dofvid helps children with bony deformities in Cameroon


“we are the voice of the voiceless for the needs of this group of special children.”

we give hope through the voluntary services the team offers and have them at heart! and there 

is a saying that an eye broom can not sweep the house so togetherness and love is our watch 

word! and love conques it all.

god help us in this divine call.


Read Deuteronomy 15:7-9.

ongoing Events

our targeted budget for this first year of DOFVID operation is to raise the sum of $54000 and no matter what you offer we appreciate and like wise the family of the children and the children them self hence nation and community development.

thanks in advance, the management of DOFVID NGO, and a profound thanks by the founder of DOFVID CAMEROON NW REGION BAMENDA.

location of children all over Cameroon

Explore dofvid

visit and see our activities and donate to help this children and their families in this period of hardship, where the families can’t even put food on their table not to talk of funding huge sum of hospital bills for their children under operation/rehabilitation.

we hope you have a nice time on our site and show your kindness as your heart desires. God Love’s  a cheerful giver!

we seek only to help this children and give them hope and purpose in fulfilling their dreams and impact on their life’s.

Upcoming event


Title: fund raising for a new center construction.

Time: no particular duration


  • To raise the sum of $450000 for construction of center to accommodate the children after operation to manage their condition until there are discharged from the center.
  • To also construct a staff quarters, quest house for visitors, administrative block for filing of documents about the foundation or center, to also purchase a land legally.
  • And while in the center they will be offer free vocational training, feeding 3 times a day, clothing, hospital bills, education, payment of employers to take care of the children hence giving them the hope, love and kindness they deserve. All this activities will be for free.

workflow in the field not easy

minimize your documents

follow client payments

saved to the cloud

automate repeating tasks

Choose the perfect plan for donation

Donate and give divine helping-hand a purpose, impacting on the children’s life’s 

Frequently asked questions

Workflow optimization is the improvement of an existing workflow, by reducing operating costs, improving the efficiency of work done, adding new functions to an existing workflow, the time taken to complete the task at hand, and other factors to ensure the workflow performs as efficiently as possible.3 Apr 2021
Deformity correction is a procedure to straighten a bone that is bent or twisted in a way that is not normal. After the bone is straightened, the arm, leg, or foot has normal alignment and function. Deformities can be corrected in two different ways: All at once during a surgical procedure (called acute correction)



Our well wishers/sponsor and benefactor say

I am glad to see that this foundation is actually out to help children with deformities and I pledged to support your work with the little I have $200
Hilary Leigh
I wish to donate to this foundation and encouraged the hard and brilliant work you people doing with $400
Hall Read
more grace to your initiative cos we all are in this world to work and help each other especially the less privileged and the vulnerable and from my heart i offer my support with $2000
Quintin Angus
impressive and each support no matter how small count i humbly support with the sum of $2500
Jillie Tempest

total sum to help the children so far is $3100 and we wish to reach, and accomplish the first task which sum up to $54000 BY THE END OF AUGUST

the team of VOLUNTEERS are ready to work